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Evan Hanson

Graphic Designer

Evan is a graphic designer and a deep thinker. His thoughtful and creative approach is why clients love working with him. He puts his heart, and his brain, into every project. “It really excites me when I create something for a client and their face lights up when they see the final product.”

Evan wants you to think differently about graphic design. “It's not simply making pretty pictures. It's using creativity to solve a problem.” He offers this tip to marketing managers and business owners: “Don't take design for granted. It's a very important tool in a business’s arsenal. How a business appears to the population has a very direct and serious impact on the amount of clients and customers they have.”

This guy knows what he’s talking about. He has a degree in Graphic Design, a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, and an astonishing grasp of marketing concepts and strategies. He also has a soft spot for small businesses. “I love creating something for a client by thinking about their problems differently, and using bold and clever ideas to give them and their business a brighter future.”

Don’t think he’s all work, though. You can’t help but smile when you’re in his presence. “You'd be surprised by how many cat photos are used as placeholders while prototyping web ideas,” he jokes. “You’d think I’m just kitten around but I’m fur-real.”

When you need a graphic designer with a fresh perspective, a discerning eye for detail and unmatched business sense, talk to Evan. You’ll be glad you did.

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