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So much of your website’s performance is determined by your host. When you host through us, you’ll have a dedicated hosting environment that allows for fast site speed, has little-to-no downtime, and is built specifically for hosting WordPress sites. 

There are a lot of benefits of using us as your Managed WordPress host:

Daily Backups

Our host automatically backs up your site every day, so you’re always able to recover your site after a bug or bad edit.

Staging Environment

It is easy to transfer your website from a staging or development site onto a live domain. This allows you to easily make test edits without it affecting your live site until you’re ready. 

Free CDN

Hosting comes included with a content delivery network, helping increase the speed of your website by more effectively loading images.

Core Update Support

All major WordPress core updates are handled on the server’s end, meaning there’s less for you to update.

Less Downtime

Our server has high performance, including better that 99.99% uptime. This means your site is always live. 

Fast Performance

Our hosting is faster than most other hosts, as it’s configured for maximizing WordPress performance. 

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