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Humorous web content is more than a pleasant diversion. In best-case scenarios, it can attract huge numbers of website visitors and social media shares. At one point, the “I Can Has Cheezburger” interactive blog attracted more than 8 million page views per day. Consider using memes and other enjoyable material to attract more web visitors. We can help you add entertaining graphics, animation, quizzes and polls which help customers genuinely enjoy visiting your site. When your site makes visitors laugh, this encourages them to return or share your content with others.  

Memes are graphics, videos or other content that are often humorous and intended to be shared. Memes can be generated strictly for fun, but smart marketers know that they can also be used for a more serious business purpose. The nonprofit organization Smile Train, which enables children to receive cleft repair surgery, has used memes to raise awareness of cleft lip and palate issues. A Smile Train campaign video featuring images of a cute baby who refuses to smile received thousands of Facebook and YouTube views in less than a week.

Entertaining Meme

Enjoyable content invites shares. If your graphics, videos or quizzes are amusing or compelling, visitors may send them to friends. Share-worthy content is a smart way to get your message in front of more people.

Entertaining memes and other forms of content are becoming increasingly common. While memes aren’t perfect for every business, most can increase their audience size by getting social media shares or engagements will fun content.

My team is a pretty fun bunch. We delight in creating memorable content. Enlist our help in making your website a rewarding destination for visitors. We can make improvements that help visitors remember your site and want to share it with others.

Pick our brains to find out what creative features we can design for your website. Call me at 612-787-7483 or complete our form. Tell me about your business and target audience. We’ll schedule a time to discuss upgrades to your site.

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