It may be number 2, but this infographic made a best-in-show impact

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We love all our clients. Having the opportunity to resourcefully tell their stories is what gets us out of bed each morning. Our creative team gets especially jazzed when developing unique content, such as this poop infographic we designed for Regular Girl. Yup, poop. Some might consider this a taboo subject, but to this client, it’s pure gold. And this infographic did just what it needed to do: It encouraged consumers to look closely at this product – as well as the contents of their own toilet bowls.

Done well, good design can quickly pull people into a story. Any savvy designer can do this. But Checkerboard’s designers are also marketing experts. Our infographics drive sales.

Think about it: Most of us would quickly pass over a block of text about stool shapes. And while a clinical-looking chart may attract a few eyes, it wouldn’t invoke an I-need-to-buy-this-now response from most viewers. This infographic, however, entices action because it capitalizes on two basic consumer behaviors.

Consumers crave simplicity

Okay, not all of them. Many are looking to soak up every bit of information they can gather. But first you need to grab the consumer’s attention. This design combines simple shapes with short, snappy descriptions which pull in the viewers. They can easily understand the progression from, um, solid to more liquid deposits. From there, they can choose to gather additional information.

Consumers think about themselves

You know those ubiquitous tests on Facebook: “What kind of cheese are you” or “Only the best Minnesotans can pass this quiz?” People love to learn about themselves and how they compare to others. Many of us are naturally wired to share our accomplishments. So, we take these Facebook quizzes and share the results. (I’m smoked gouda and smarter than the average bear.) This design encourages viewers to test themselves. If they’re not dropping the perfect load in the loo, it offers a solution. If they are, it delivers a confirming message: “You’re doing fine. Good work.”

These are just two of the marketing principles we consider when creating infographics. Some designers don’t put this much thought into work, but it’s part of our nature at Checkerboard. We’re always thinking about how our designs can better share your message. And, as you can see, we’re not afraid to tackle taboo subjects.

If you want infographics that encourage your customers to take a closer look, get in touch. Our creative team will sketch a few ideas for free. If you like our ideas — and you probably will — we’ll quickly complete the design and you’ll be the proud owner of a custom, sales-boosting infographic. We’ll even create versions for you to use on your social media channels, website and in print. Because content this good, and this effective at driving sales, is worth sharing.

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