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One reason why we updated Checkerboard’s website was to refresh our branding. Rebranding is valuable for keeping your brand looking current and attracting new interest. We have grown as an agency. Our talent is stronger than ever, our technology is more advanced and our marketing outlook sharper. We’ve even earned some awards. We are proud of our accomplishments and capabilities. We needed a new, easily recognizable identity to better reflect our position as trusted professionals in the marketplace.

To begin the rebranding process, we evaluated whether our mission and vision matched our visual identity. There was a clear mismatch. At Checkerboard, we are always learning new techniques and adapting to the times. We need a visual identity that is just as fluid.

We started with the logo. We needed a new symbol that would be instantly recognizable yet timeless. We began by drawing our ideas on paper. We just let the ideas flow! Despite that volume of shapes and ideas, we kept feeling pulled toward one concept. That’s how we knew which direction to take.

This shape was inspired by several things:

  • Checkerboard’s initials, CB, can be seen in the shape.
  • The two square shapes touching tip to tip resemble a Checkerboard.
  • The line’s slight curvatures, and how it appears to link in the middle, looks a bit like a hyperlink icon, tying our logo to our internet expertise.
  • The overall shape looks like it is connected, an infinite sign that speaks to the relationships we have with our customers, and to the integration of services we employ.

We built the logo using simple geometry and a grid. Math can look beautiful.

We created a typeface heavily inspired by Lato to be paired with the logo. This adds value to our logo because it’s different and wholly unique. The type is bold, elegant and sturdy, which matches our design philosophy.

Our logo and typeface can look great in any application, so our style may evolve and change, and the logo will always be recognizable as Checkerboard.

The Final Logo

A company’s visual identity is a strong influence on how it is perceived by its customers.

A company’s visual identity is a strong influence on how it is perceived by its customers. Our rebranded identity more accurately reflects our industry-leading capabilities. It better represents us and helps us tell our story. We can help you assess whether your visual identity is accurately telling your story. A new identity may give your customers, prospects and employees more confidence in your capabilities, better illustrate your goals, reach new audiences, and enable you to gain more business.

We love helping our clients create or update their branding. Contact us and let’s see if you’re a good fit for our services.