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April 7, 2017

Your website is often the first interaction your customers will have with your business. Checkerboard believes your sales-funneling website pages – your home page, landing pages and company cornerstone pages – should grab your customers’ attention right away. More than that, these pages should hold and build on that interest to create product desire, and ultimately get customers to the point of purchase. Easier said than done, right?

Actually, it can be pretty easy to do, too. The answer lies in building sites based on strong, strategic marketing tactics.

Inside the customer’s mind

Your investment in your website build will go farther when you hire a web design agency, such as Checkerboard, that uses proven marketing strategies to help you reach your current customers and generate new leads. We build websites that immediately grab visitors’ attention, educate them about how products satisfy their needs, then create a desire to buy.


For example, when Checkerboard builds a website, we use industry-standard tools to see how users respond to the site. The above graphic represents where prospects spent the most time on this particular web page, with the red area being most viewed and the blue being seen the least. For this page, 58.8 percent of prospects scrolled to the page’s first call to action, with nearly 11 percent of them converting to customers. Using tools such as these enables us to ensure that all our site builds are effectively ushering prospects to the point of action.

With strong, upfront marketing strategies such as this built into your website, it becomes the most invaluable piece to your promotional puzzle. It is the hard-working cornerstone to your bigger digital marketing program which may also include social media, email and advertising. Without that foundation, your website may not even capture your prospects’ attention, let alone spur them into action.

Marketing first, web design second
Checkerboard’s team is comprised of marketing and technical experts. We begin every website build by approaching your needs through a marketing lens. We then devise a strategy that turns your prospects’ interest in your product into a need for that product. We’ve used this method for more than 300 site builds, and our clients love it.

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