Four ways to improve your digital marketing strategy

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Integrated Marketing

A good story makes your marketing more engaging. Design should help you tell your story. It should reinforce your message. Our digital marketing agency can help you integrate images and content to teach consumers your unique value. Here are four ways design can improve your digital marketing strategy.


Consider how your content looks on your website and when you share it on social media.

Whether consumers are running a quick Internet search or logging into Facebook, they find streams of material competing for their attention. Consider how your posts appear. Appealing images can make your content stand out, and ultimately encourage users to interact with your brand.

Use multiple featured images.

If you have only one image attached to a blog post, this same image will appear when you share this post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This may be fine at first, but if you want to reshare your great content to get more engagement, you’ll be showing the same image used the last time. If people keep seeing the same image, they may think, “Oh, I saw that already,” and move right past it. To attract interest, show readers something different.One approach we use is attaching multiple featured images to blog posts. We can set up your content so that different images appear when you share your blog repeatedly on the same channel. This helps your content look fresh over multiple shares, which brings us to our next point.

Have a plan for sharing content.

You’ve created this great-looking content, and you’ve chosen different featured images to keep it looking fresh. Now it’s time to share. But how many times should you share this content? Where will you share it? How will you present it when it’s shared? These questions demonstrate the importance of creating a plan for sharing.We recommend sharing your stories on multiple social media networks, with well-written introductions inviting people to read your new website posts. Each time you share the content, use a unique introduction. Have a plan for keeping your message focused.We use a structured system to help you share content. We conduct keyword research to learn what search terms are frequently used, and then incorporate these terms into blog entries. Our writing team can create multiple social media posts that encourage people to read your blog. We draft each blog and its accompanying posts together; this creates an efficient approval process and send a consistent message. When you have a structured plan in place for your content marketing, you have less chance of sending muddled messages.

Design website pages with marketing in mind.

All of this sharing brings us to the most important part of digital marketing: getting leads. Your audience may click on a social media post, read your blog and then link to a webpage describing one of your products. This page needs particularly careful design, too, since this is where you’ll generate your leads, and ultimately, your sales. Any page that receives traffic and is part of your sales funnel should be created by a designer who understands marketing. Skilled designers can use graphics, marketing tactics and user interfaces to help your page retain users and encourage them to go further into the sales funnel. You want your web visitors to take the next step in the sales process, whether it’s completing an online form or making a purchase. Good design encourages them to do so.

Attracting consumers’ attention takes strategy and skill. Our agency has the digital marketing know-how to help you deliver vibrant, memorable messaging online. Our experts will help you attract web traffic and show consumers why they need your product.

I’m enthusiastic about digital marketing strategy and would love to discuss it with you. Let’s talk about changes to your digital marketing strategy which could better promote your product.


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