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Design is more than beautiful graphics. It’s using creativity to solve a problem. When you come to us with a marketing idea or challenge, we use creativity to deliver the solutions. Upgrading your WordPress website can help you propel your business to the next level.

We’ve recently upgraded websites for Polyphenolics, American Rare Coin and Collectibles and Taiyo’s Sunfiber. Each company had unique needs. We were delighted to provide well-tailored answers.

  • Polyphenolics serves both trade (B2B) and consumer (B2C) audiences. We split its messaging into those two groups. Now Polyphenolics can customize its information for each audience. We also upgraded its graphic design. Even though we made major changes, we were able to make these improvements on its current site. There was no need for a whole new platform.
  • American Rare Coin and Collectibles is a rare coin dealer. The company wanted to reach customers directly and sell coins through its website. We built an e-commerce store into its existing site. In a custom integration, we synchronized this dealer’s internal database with its e-commerce store. Now it’s easier for customers to buy from American Rare Coin and Collectibles.
  • Taiyo wanted to support its digital advertising and increase search engine optimization for its Sunfiber brand. We designed and built website cornerstone pages using the keyword strategy we’ve also been using in its digital ads. Cornerstone pages can help attract more web traffic and teach more people about a product’s benefits.

Your WordPress website can move your audience to the next step in the buying process. If consumers come to your site to read about your product, you can put the tools in their hands to make a purchase. If they were initially just curious about your company, you can encourage them to submit a contact form. If they were researching a problem, you can tell them how your product solves it. Whatever your business’ needs, make sure your website is built to drive sales.

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