Improve your digital marketing with these six insights

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When you understand consumers’ online behavior, you can deliver your message in a format they enjoy and expect. Venture capitalist Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2015 report provides insights about how individuals and businesses are using the Internet. Here are six lessons from this report that could make a big impact on your product promotions. We can help you leverage these insights to improve your digital marketing.

1. Mobile devices play a key role in American life. According to the report, in 2015 American adults will spend 2.8 hours a day on smartphones and tablets.

Ensure your website and digital advertising are easy to read on a mobile device. We can give your website responsive design; this means it will automatically re-adjust for comfortable viewing on smartphones and tablets. We can also make “buy” buttons clearly visible on mobile sites and optimize your digital advertising for mobile devices.

2. User-generated online content is highly popular. People love to voice their opinions, contribute material and see what others have shared.

To make your site more interactive, we can add sections for visitors to write reviews. We can add quizzes and polls. We can also create photo contests and other features that encourage visitors to become involved with your site.

3. Facebook videos are receiving more views. Meeker’s report showed that in the first quarter of 2015, there were four billion video views on Facebook per day. Many of these video views were from shared content.

We can help you post videos and other engaging content on social media. Because we work closely with Media Relations, Agency, we can help you arrange TV coverage for your product or business. You can then repurpose those videos as social media content and website material. Presenting your message in an enjoyable format is a smart way to gain and hold audiences’attention.

4. Social media may be used as a news source. Dataminr analyzes information shared on Twitter to provide breaking news to several industries.

Be careful with your social media content. Our writers can provide Media-grade Content®  to keep your content streams filled with professional, marketing-focused content. We also provide listening and engaging services to help you monitor what social media users are saying about your product and industry.

5. Cyber attacks are an increasing concern. We can take steps to help protect your website by updating your theme, plugins and WordPress core. We can also run a WordPress security plugin or set up a two-step authentication system for your website.

6. Design should be simple and clear. Make it easy for consumers to perform an intended action, whether it’s making a purchase or using a tool. Remove unnecessary steps or barriers.

Have us review your current website. We’ll recommend how to make your site more intuitive. We create marketing-focused websites designed to raise awareness and drive sales.

Understanding how consumers are using the Internet can make a big difference in whether your digital marketing appeals to them or not. Monitoring these trends can be time consuming, so we can do it for you. We also consider which trends would be helpful for you in the long term. And we have the technical and marketing expertise to apply them for you.

Deliver your message in ways that grab consumer attention. Have us look at your website and social media, and see what suggestions we have for you. Call me at 952-697-5211 or complete our form. Tell me about your product and goals, and how you’re currently promoting your product. We’ll schedule a meeting when I can recommend how to improve your digital marketing.

I feel strongly about helping businesses grow. I’m also passionate about technology. I love to combine those interests. Call me so I can help you put recent trends to work and help more people learn about your business.

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