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Your website is the beating heart and central hub of all your digital marketing efforts. It’s where you foster trust with your consumers, build a digital brand, gather data, and communicate your unique value as an organization. It’s also where you sell. And in order to do that well, your website must offer content that performs optimally on a multitude of devices, as well as rank across a variety of search engines. A responsive web design is not just a nice addition to your design, it’s a requirement. 

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So, what’s responsive web design (RWD)? RWD is a web design and development technique which allows developers to build future-proof web experiences that respond to specific device dimensions. Instead of building separate mobile, tablet and desktop sites, Responsive web design allows us to use a single set of code. This code is built to respond nimbly to the user’s chosen device without slowing the page down with too much code.

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Checkerboard is an award-winning web design agency with 20+ years under our belt. We have extensive experience navigating design trends (such as responsive web design) and best practices. We have a long history working with organizations both big and small, and you can count on us to work efficiently and effectively with your internal teams. In a world of increasing specialization, you can trust Checkerboard to bring our best to every project and add value to your business through design.

A custom, mobile-friendly website built with industry standard tools
Access to our talent, including copyright, graphic design, and digital marketing professionals
Thorough training and continued access to our experienced team
An SEO-friendly website which is integrated with social media, email, and other marketing tools
All other benefits of our award-winning website design services

“In early 2014, the number of mobile users accessing the internet surpassed the number of desktop users. Your website needs to keep up your customers, no matter how they access the internet.”

Jason Kocina


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While preparing a responsive site, we never sacrifice beauty for responsiveness. After planning, we utilize the top tools in industry to develop a site with the same feel as the graphics. Find out more about what we offer:

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