Comfort and joy: How interactive web design hooks your audience

by | Mar 10, 2015 | At Checkerboard | 0 comments

Your customers have no shortage of distractions. To win your customers’ attention, your company’s website needs to seem more interesting to them than anything else at the moment. That’s why you should give shoppers a personal incentive to visit your website. Provide customers with an immediate reward for visiting your page. Consider using interactive web design to give your customers a little joy and happiness. Let’s face it, many people experience stress or tedium during the day. Providing them with a diversion can be a magnet for return visits (and repeated spending). Adding engaging, interactive features is one kind of website upgrade that we provide for our clients. Here’s an example of a project we did recently.

One of our clients, Innovative Office Solutions, tapped into the popularity of online quizzes to engage more of its customers. This client decided to offer an Office Personality Quiz as a way to encourage more website visitors to sign up to receive weekly e-mails. The quiz asks a series of questions and then declares which personality type the quiz-taker exhibits. Participants can share the diagnosis (and the fact that they just took an Innovative Office Solutions quiz) via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even their own blog. They can also enter their e-mail address to sign up for weekly e-mail promotions. This quiz is an inviting reason for customers to interact with the Innovative Office Solutions site, not to mention be added to the e-mail list. Our client brainstormed the idea, and Checkerboard had a blast making the vision a reality. We love helping our clients keep their sites cutting edge and relevant.

When customers participate in an interactive feature on your website, it takes their relationship with your company to a new level. Rather than just passively observing your site, visitors become active participants. They make choices and get rewarded. They let down their guard a bit and they obtain value from spending time with you.

Making your website more entertaining for customers translates to better business opportunities for you. Even if customers visit your website for five minutes of quick diversion, you’ve got their attention and they can’t help but notice your products and promotions. And if your website features are truly enjoyable, your visitors may forward them to their friends and help spread the word about your company.

Clients like the fact that we don’t just build websites; we stick around to provide ongoing website development. From quizzes and polls to graphics, videos and animation, our WordPress experts can construct features that make customers enjoy learning about your products.

If you feel your website would benefit from more attention, give us a call at 952-697-5211 or complete our form.  We custom-design website improvements that will enchant your audience. And speaking of fun features, our team members took the Office Personality Quiz, too. Check out their photos and results here. Just click on an image to view the gallery.


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