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Effective digital advertising requires constant learning and up-to-the-minute knowledge. Web Property Manager Andrea Schiebe monitors emerging advertising trends so she can help clients take advantage of them. She’s a well-qualified resource for using the newest digital advertising tools such as video, mobile and social media advertising. Here’s why “ask Andrea” is a commonly heard phrase around our office.

Andrea is certified in Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Advanced Video Advertising. She also has earned a Graphic Design Professional Certificate. This training benefits our clients in the following ways:

  • Google Analytics: Andrea uses this tool to see which digital advertising strategies are attracting the most web traffic and contributing to the most leads. She uses this information to  recommend the most effective advertising platforms for each client.
  • Google AdWords: With this platform, Andrea delivers our clients’ advertising to consumers who search the Internet for specific keywords or visit sites related to clients’ products. She makes smart keyword choices, writes attention-getting ad copy and selects powerful images. As she manages ad campaigns, she maximizes return on ad spend.
  • Video Advertising: By preparing for Google’s Video Advertising exam, Andrea gained additional skills in designing and tracking online video advertising for our clients. She helps clients attract more attention to their products by tapping into this growing trend.
  • Graphic Design: Andrea’s graphic design background enables her to work with our design team to create professional, appealing ads for our clients.

Our clients can dedicate more time to other aspects of their business when they’ve trusted their digital advertising to Andrea. She efficiently creates and manages in-the-moment digital advertising campaigns and social media marketing. Clients count on her to understand the latest developments and use them to attract more attention to their products.

Andrea or another of our web property managers can assist you with your digital advertising. Call her at 952-697-5211 or complete our contact form. Andrea will ask you about your needs and schedule a meeting to discuss the latest digital advertising tools.

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