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Websites are only valuable if they are current. Today’s consumers go online to find answers. If your website is filled with outdated information, doesn’t answer their questions or worse – can’t be found – it won’t solve their problem. And you won’t make the sale.

Keep your website working for you by making sure it fills your customers’ desires.

Does it function well on mobile phones, tablets and desktops? Many businesses have found that visits from tablet and smart phone users have nearly doubled over the past year.

Does the content fill your customers’ needs? Do you know which content is most read? What pages get skipped over quickly? This data helps you keep your website current.

Are new customers finding you on search engines and through digital ads? Your website can’t produce sales if customers can’t find it. Savvy marketers follow current SEO strategies and make smart, cost-effective use of digital ads.

This may seem overwhelming. Many areas of your business need your attention. How do you find the time to stay up to date on digital best practices and monitor your website analytics? This is why a professional digital marketing assistant is so valuable.

A digital marketing assistant keeps your website current and customer-focused. If you sell jewelry at a retail store, you notice when your customers begin crowding around the chunky necklaces display and walking past the charm bracelets. You probably make adjustments, such as moving the trendy necklaces to a prominent store location.  

Digital marketing assistants are just as attuned with your website and can make similar changes. They know what content results in sales and make sure it’s easy to find. They also know what’s not working, and provide advice to make it better.

An employee doing double-duty updating your website is definitely helpful, but they probably don’t have the experience of our digital marketing assistants. Our team lives and breathes websites. They know industry best practices. They stay informed of trends and search engine algorithm changes. They’re also experts at digital advertising and can use this tactic to cost-effectively bring customers to your door, whether it’s virtual or brick-and-mortar.

Put our team to work for you. Our support is scalable to your needs, from a few hours a week to a full-time marketing assistant. You’ll rest easy knowing that your website is being monitored by an industry professional with the skills needed to keep it current and working for you.


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