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Your website should be an important part of your sales team, an asset that you just can’t live without. If it’s not connected with your other business tools, however, it may feel more like a liability. We’re often asked to make a website more user-friendly. The two most common enhancements are ecommerce and data integration. Both of these technical updates can extend the functionality of your website and boost its earning potential.

We build our sites on a WordPress engine which is a robust and versatile industry-standard platform. “Whether you are phasing in new functionality, adding ecommerce capabilities or just adding content which aligns with your thriving business, WordPress serves as your scalable, solid foundation to grow with you,” explains Shawn Turek, our lead designer. We also integrate our custom marketing tools into every website we build to give it that Checkerboard edge.

When you’re ready for more, consider:

Ecommerce: Adding ecommerce is often the first step when we’re updating a website in phases. Safely and securely taking online orders through your own website can significantly fuel your business’s growth. We use the WooCommerce platform. This industry standard powers more than 37 percent of all online stores. We’ll work with your accounting department to set up secure payment gateways and ensure you are industry compliant.

Data Integration: Connecting your current business tools with your website can be immensely valuable. We recently integrated an inventory management system with a client’s website. In this case, I collaborated with the software development team of our client’s inventory management system supplier to create a system that connects the two in real time. Shawn made sure this integration fit seamlessly into the site’s current design. “My goal was to make sure that additions to the site fit into the established design,” he explains. “It should feel like a natural extension. I made layout and functional changes to ensure a positive user experience.” The result was a custom solution that significantly improved the site’s usability. Most any type of data can be integrated to improve a website’s user-friendliness. Most often, our tech team uses SOAP and REST API’s for the integration.  

If your website can be doing more for your business, schedule a free consultation with our team. You’ll be amazed by what our team can do for you.

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