Two new Facebook features will add spark to your digital marketing

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Integrated Marketing, Social Media | 0 comments

Facebook recently announced two new features: Live and Collages. These features make it fun for audiences to learn about your business, products and services. As a digital marketing specialist, I can help you use new social media developments to promote your company. Social media helps you form an emotional connection with your audience and communicate on a more personal level.

Live video

Live is an exciting new feature that lets users share a real-time broadcast on Facebook. Videos of these broadcasts are saved on the Timeline for future viewing. To access Live, users choose “Update Status” and “Live Video”.

Although this feature is not currently available for everyone, it’s smart to start planning how you will use it in your marketing. Consider broadcasting behind-the-scenes activities at your company or when your team attends industry events. Live video can help viewers get to know you and feel comfortable contacting you. There’s an element of authenticity and risk involved in live video that viewers enjoy.


Facebook is also changing the way you can present photographs taken on your smartphone. With its new Collages feature, Facebook will consider the place and time you took snapshots and display them together for you. You can add titles to Collages and change their contents.

This feature is another way to add a personal touch to your business’s Facebook page. Why not take pictures around your office or at company events, and display them in Collages? Your team members are approachable, interesting people. Let your audience have the pleasure of meeting them.

Roll out of the Collages feature has already begun for iPhone users. Android users should be able to start using the feature in early 2016.

Using new social media features demonstrates that your company is cutting edge. It gives you the tools to show that your company is made up of people, not just walls and desks. Social media can help customers build a relationship with your team members and view them as friends.

We can help you take advantage of new social media features. We monitor for breaking developments that help you promote your product. After consulting with you, we can create and execute social media campaigns. We’ll work to help you grow your audience, views, subscribers and engagement. We want to increase your brand awareness and ultimately, your sales.

Social media is fascinating because it is always changing. And it’s a vibrant way to communicate. Call me at 952-697-5211 or complete our form. Let’s discuss which digital marketing tools you could use to connect with your audience.

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