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Andrea Schiebe

Digital Marketing Manager

Andrea spends much of her time ensuring clients’ digital marketing strategies are performing with maximum efficiency. “I like connecting the dots, helping businesses tell their stories, get discovered and reach the people they want to reach,” she explains.

Her creative yet analytical approach is well received by clients. “With a psychology background, I naturally recognize the social science behind marketing. Whether it’s a digital ad campaign, social media campaign or website change, I follow the scientific method. I identify the problem or question, develop a hypothesis based on research and/or experience, test through an experiment, analyze the data, draw conclusions and communicate the results.”

Andrea has a passion for helping people, and thrives on challenges. “No day or project is ever the same. I enjoy the mix of strategy, planning, collaboration, execution, writing, design and communication,” she says. “To be successful in this continuously changing field takes exploration, learning and refining.”

She recognizes that digital marketing is a rapidly evolving promotional channel. And that fuels her excitement about her job. “If something doesn’t seem to be working, there’s always an alternative solution or approach that has yet to be explored.”

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