LinkedIn profile necessities you may be overlooking

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LinkedIn is a constantly changing social channel that rolls out new features and profile sections every few months. When was the last time you logged in and revved up your personal profile? Run through this LinkedIn necessity checklist to ensure your profile is up to speed. Have you …

  • Added a professional looking photo that clearly shows your face?
  • Written a detailed position statement, called a headline, which sums up your professional identity in a short phrase? Example: Entrepreneur and Internet Visionary.
  • Added a summary section with a few paragraphs telling your elevator speech? Explain your professional experience and goals, and tell visitors how you can help their businesses.
  • Selected relevant keywords in the new Specialties section? These keywords work similarly to blog tags. Examples: Union negotiation, purchasing, government liaison, branding and identity, server architecture, mergers and acquisitions, salary arbitration, etc.
  • Added all colleges, universities, classes, seminars and trainings attended as well as any activities and societies in which you participated?
  • Linked to the profiles of any groups, societies, causes, organizations, colleges and companies with which you have recently communicated?
  • Chosen your most relevant industry from the drop-down menu of choices?
  • Linked to your company and personal websites (you can have up to three)?
  • Edited your contact preferences to enable consulting offers, expertise requests, business deals and requests to reconnect?
  • Linked to your Twitter account (if it is work appropriate)?
  • Asked for recommendations from current or old clients, partners and co-workers?
  • Changed your Public Profile URL to something short and personalized? Typically people change it to their first and last name.
  • Joined relevant groups and associations, such as your college alumni group, to reconnect with old acquaintances and forge connections with the companies with which they are now involved?

When you’ve run through this list, ensure that your profile is filled out to 100% completeness. A blue sidebar on the right will tell you how complete your profile currently is and if you’ve missed any essential sections.

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