Ecommerce Website Design: WooCommerce is Popular … and Customizable

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WooCommerce is by far the most popular eCommerce plugin for the blogging/CMS platform.  This has been the case for some time, now.  What’s interesting, however, is that recent trends show that WooCommerce has gained a lot of ground in terms of popularity across all eCommerce platforms.

WooCommerce for Ecommerce Website Design

As an example, check out the following graph, depicting how many sites use each major ecommerce platform.

This data is provided by BuiltWith “Trends” and reveals that as of early 2019, WooCommerce was the most popular eCommerce platform among the top 1 million sites.  It was able to beat out two of the heavy hitters in this arena: Shopify and Magento.  This is understandable since:

  1. WooCommerce runs on WordPress which is the most popular CMS platform on the web today (CMS Usage Report)
  2. WooCommerce is free and highly customizable.



Creating A Unique Ecommerce Website Design with WooCommerce

A good ecommerce website should be more than just having a functioning store. As your biggest sales and marketing tool, your site also needs to look great, provide a positive user experience, and fit the style of your company. That’s why WooCommerce is so popular: Customizations are relatively easy, the platform is highly reliable, and WordPress provides a user friendly experience for people who aren’t developers.


How to Customize WooCommerce

As such, we often have many opportunities to work with WooCommerce and customize it. Here are a few code snippets that we’ve built in the past to help you customize your WooCommerce store:

1. Create a custom “Return to Shop” link on the empty cart page.

2. Add a Mailchimp (API v3.0) opt-in checkbox on the checkout page (placed after T&C checkbox if enabled).

*There are three files involved in this snippet: functions.php, terms.php, and styles.css

3. Add a more descriptive tooltip to the CVC field on the order form credit card field.

We like customizing WooCommerce and helping you create a stunning ecommerce website design! Get in touch if you’d like us to do some WooCommerce work for you:

For your convenience, you can also check out the WooCommerce Developer Documentation here:

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