New Responsive Website Design for CohenTaylor

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We recently began the process of creating a new website for CohenTaylor. CohenTaylor is an executive search firm that specializes in finding the best leaders for mission-driven organizations such as non-profits. Their site is meant to find leaders who make an impact, and help non-profit organizations recruit the best leaders possible.

Unlike most of our site builds, CohenTaylor already had a pretty professional website. Their main goal wasn’t simply to make their site more modern and beautiful, but instead to have a site with a clear conversion funnel that was more in line with SEO best practices. Their company had recently gotten a brand new style that also needed to be incorporated into the site to make it more cohesive and consistent. As great leaders in their own right, we were excited to get started on their site using our Best in Market build.

The biggest goal in our new website was to keep best SEO practices in mind, helping more potential clients and candidates find them. We started by identifying the highest traffic keywords for their topic, as we do with all of our Best in Market builds, and then began structuring the external site with SEO in mind.

The previous site had some customization that led to poor connectivity between pages (hurting search rankings) and a slower site speed. It also prevented them from making many changes, which inspired them to move to WordPress. Our remade pages and improved linking structure allowed for more efficient navigation and made each page to be connected to the others, helping increase internal links. We also cleaned up the back end of the site, helping it to load faster. SEO and user experience went hand-in-hand in this process, as we tried to make the site easier to navigate for both search bots and humans.

Cohen Taylor WebsiteWe also made a strategic conversion funnel, making a clear path for people to go when using the site. Pages all led to a form on the contact page that was multi-functional, allowing clients and candidates to use the form for all their needs. Users are easily able to navigate the new site, and have multiple options for contacting CohenTaylor. Along with the increased access to relevant forms, we made sure that the phone number placement was more relevant and available.

While beautification wasn’t the #1 concern for this site since their previous design was fairly modern, we also made sure to create a modern design that would be considered above the standard. We also relocated the blog, making it more available on the site to increase the number of keywords that the site ranks for.

As an additional effort to help SEO, we created regional pages with appropriate keywords for the area. This helped them get found in each of their locations when people were searching for local executive search firms.

The new website for CohenTaylor is built with the DiviBuilder in WordPress, allowing them to easily edit their own website without the need for coding for extensive training. It is much less locked-down than their last site. They can also keep track of their keyword rankings and easily optimize pages with the Yoast SEO tool that we installed. By improving site speed, creating a clear link structure, enhancing the sales funnel, and increasing the number of keywords, we created a beautiful new site to bring in more organic traffic and increase conversion rate.

Check out their website here.

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