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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

High-ranking websites. Strategic, not spammy.

No matter how beautiful your website looks, it won’t be effective unless it’s actually seen. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making website improvements and adjustments so search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can more easily find it. Most people only look at the first few results of their Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If your website is buried on page six, you might never be found. And people don’t buy what they can’t see. Competing for front-page status has become common practice for marketing teams everywhere, putting SEO services in high demand for companies big and small.


Help search engines find you

We utilize a variety of SEO techniques to improve your website’s ranking. This includes technical aspects such as search engine-friendly website structure, optimized images and effective link strategies, as well as creative operations, such as quality, resource-rich content and strategic keyword usage. All of the sites we build are optimized for SEO. We also include an easy process to help you optimize all future content. SEO services are more than a one-time tune-up. At Checkerboard, we blend our technical expertise with our marketing knowledge to keep your website in front of the right eyes.

What you get from us

As an award-winning agency with 20+ years under our belt, we have extensive experience navigating design trends and best practices. We have a history working with organizations of all sizes, and you can count on us to work effectively with your internal teams. In a world of increasing specialization, you can trust Checkerboard to bring our best to every project and add value to your business through design.

  • SEO experts, our web property managers, who boost your organic search traffic
  • Continued support to keep you on top of algorithm changes
  • Integrative digital marketing tactics to further your reach
  • Custom reports with helpful analytics and recommendation

Jason Kocina


“Google adjusts its search algorithm nearly every day. While some changes are minor, others such as Panda, have a significant effect on what appears in the search results.”

SEO Service and More

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. You can always rank higher for new keywords, and adjustments are needed as the algorithms change. Assisting the SEO process is effective content marketing and digital marketing, as increasing your site’s traffic will almost always improve your authority in the eyes of Google. Lucky for you, we offer those services too:

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Assistance


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