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Smart keyword strategy can make a significant difference in the number ‒ and quality ‒  of visitors your website attracts. To use keywords effectively, you need to understand what types of keywords exist and where to place them. Our team creates website content with keyword strategy in mind. Here are some ways we use keywords to help our clients attract more web traffic.

First, our team helps clients create a keyword list. We may use resources such as Google Webmaster tools and Google AdWords to choose keywords that help attract interested visitors to clients’ websites.

It’s important to understand the difference between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords consist of only one or two words, such as “shoes” or “dress shoes”. If clients use short-tail keywords, they’ll generally be competing with many other sites for traffic. Long-tail keywords are more specific phrases about three to five words long, such as “women’s black dress shoes” or “shoe store Minneapolis”. Long-tail keywords are more likely to generate sales or leads, since they target people searching for a specific product or service.

Once we’ve helped our clients assemble a long-tail keyword list, we place these terms in the correct places to help our clients attract web visitors. To increase SEO, we include a keyword in locations such as:

  • An article’s title
  • The article’s meta description (a brief description of the page)
  • Body content
  • Anchor text (hyperlinked words within the content)

It’s second nature for many people to research companies or products by running a quick Internet search. We can help our clients use keyword strategy to attract visitors who are searching for their product category. We build websites around a solid marketing plan because we know websites are tools for growing our clients’ businesses.

Whether you are building a new website or improving your current one, we’ll help you use keyword strategy to attract web traffic. Call me at 952-697-5211 or complete our online form.  We’ll set up an initial meeting to assess your needs, explain more about our services and give you options for moving forward.




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