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Pahl’s Market is a smart client with a great product. Its success story shows what integrated marketing can do for a business. Using social media marketing, digital advertising and website development, we helped Pahl’s grow its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program from nothing to a very successful endeavor. It’s fun to have played a role in increasing CSA sales.

Through Pahl’s CSA program, customers can purchase a share and then receive monthly boxes of fresh produce from June through October. The following are some of the strategies we used to help Pahl’s tell its story:

  • Social media: We used content marketing strategies to ensure that CSA promotions were fully leveraged within Pahl’s network.
  • Digital Advertising: Our advertising included geographically targeted keyword advertising campaigns. In addition, we set up a remarketing campaign: If web visitors viewed Pahl’s site but did not make a purchase, Facebook ads later reminded them of their interest. Remarketing has proven to be a cost-effective advertising option.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When Pahl’s made it possible for customers to pick up their produce in different towns, we helped ensure these new pickup locations could be easily found in a web search.
  • Publicity: Our sister company, Media Relations Agency., arranged media coverage for Pahl’s Market that helped create brand awareness and name recognition.
  • Website property management: A Checkerboard web property manager managed digital campaigns, optimized website performance and helped drive web traffic.
  • Website development:  We added a “Share in the Harvest” website feature that shows the vegetables included in monthly CSA boxes, as well as recipes for these vegetables.
  • Email marketing:  We used a multipronged strategy to leverage Pahl’s large email database including its enewsletter. More than 70 percent of recipients tend to open this newsletter.  

Pahl’s success was a team effort. The savvy company knows its customers and how to connect with them. Pahl’s also made some smart moves when it added more pickup locations and partnered with other local businesses. Here are some of the results Pahl’s achieved in 2015:

  • More than 2,000 new e-mail list subscribers and 2,000 new Facebook likes
  • Social reach of more than 2.5 million individuals
  • Greatly increased web traffic from social channels
  • 81 percent increase in Minnesota web visits, the state where Pahl’s is based
  • Tripled online sales of CSAs
  • 350 percent increase in event sign ups
  • Goal for share sales exceeded by 60 percent

Pahl’s success is an example of what can happen when all the promotional channels work together. We can help our clients combine web content, social media marketing and digital advertising to deliver a compelling message to their target audience.

Call us so we can put similar strategies to work for you. Our digital marketing experts can create efficient, targeted campaigns that teach consumers your unique value. Pick up the phone and dial 952-697-5211, or complete our contact form. Tell us about your needs. We’ll design a comprehensive marketing plan that tells your story across all promotional channels.

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