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February 19, 2015

Customers need to hear your message a surprising number of times before they buy. Unfortunately, repeating your message with such frequency to the general public can get expensive. Remarketing makes smarter use of your advertising budget by focusing your messaging on customers who have already demonstrated an interest in your product.

Here’s how remarketing works: You track who visits your website. Then you put your messages in their Facebook feed for the next few days.

For example, imagine that a potential customer is considering planning a night out with friends at your restaurant. He may look up your menu online, but then get distracted and move on. When he logs into Facebook the next day, your messages (placed by remarketing) remind him of your restaurant’s fresh seafood and welcoming atmosphere. His interest in your restaurant may be reignited, causing him to invite his friends to meet him there.

If your product is sold in retail stores, remarketing can help there as well. More and more retailers want to see you driving traffic not only to their physical stores but also to their online stores. In your remarketing messages, you can direct customers to purchase either at the brick-and-mortar locations or at the retailers’ online stores. This works especially well with more expensive products. Most people aren’t going to spend hundreds of dollars on a product or service online if they don’t recognize the website. Appearing in their Facebook feed will increase recognition, making you seem more reputable to the potential customer, and making them more comfortable in purchasing an expensive product or service from you.

Remarketing, also called retargeting, is simply a method of repeatedly appearing to interested clients. Not only will this make it more likely that you’ll convert on a particular person, but it will also save money that would otherwise be spent on people who avoid ads altogether. Using the budget more efficiently will save you money that you can reallocate to other marketing tactics.

Let’s talk about how remarketing can increase your product’s sales. Technology changes fast. We’re always studying up on it, and as the digital world progresses, efficient ways to reach people pop up. We’d love to share our knowledge of emerging online advertising practices with you. For a free consultation and evaluation of how advertising trends might be used to boost your sales, please call us at 952-697-5211 or complete our contact form.