Automating Your Sales Process with Zapier – How to Get Your Website to Do the Work While You Sleep

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In order to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts, it’s important to have a website that is easy to manage and simplifies the sales process.

One of the benefits of all the sites we build is that they come with robust form management tools. These tools allow marketers to create and edit forms on their website without the need of programmers, give full control over notifications, and also store the submissions on the website.

Our form management tools make the first step of the sales process incredibly easy by collecting and storing any lead information you need.

The process gets more difficult once your site starts regularly generating leads. When the leads are coming fast, streamlining your processes can make the job a lot easier. Streamlining processes tells your website to automatically conduct routine processes, allowing you to spend more time on your business.

We have experience integrating many services with our clients’ sites, and can even write API’s if needed. Before we reach that level of custom code though, there is one powerful tool that can connect with your forms to automate the sales process without needed custom code development.

Streamlining Processes with Zapier

Zapier is a convenient online tool that allows you to automate interactions between multiple applications. The automation process uses “zaps,” which are templated tasks that you want to repeat based on a trigger (such as a form submission). The process follows a simple “if this, then that” workflow that makes managing leads easier than ever.

Manually tracking leads can risk human error and takes a lot of time. With Zapier, you can streamline these simple processes, create automatic reminders, and consistently follow-up with website leads.

Zapier can connect your form submissions to a number of different applications, including the following:

  • Google Sheets: When a form is submitted on your website, the submission data is automatically recorded in a spreadsheet for reporting purposes.
  • Mailchimp: If you use Mailchimp for email marketing, Zapier can add customers who submitted a form to your mailing list automatically, allowing you to be in continued contact. You can also easily set up a Welcome email to be sent right after a submission, a week after the submission, or more.
  • ClickSend: After someone submits your form, Zapier can connect with ClickSend to automatically send them a text message. This gives a reliable, modern way to get in touch with leads.
  • CRM: Anyone submitting a form will be added as an opportunity in a CRM such as DayLite (Or any other supported CRM), allowing you to easily track and schedule follow up tasks for each individual. Integrating with a CRM allows you to easily coordinate leads with your sales funnel.

Check with Zapier to find a full list of apps it can integrate with!

Facebook Form Automation

If your business has lead forms on Facebook, you can collect leads in the same way. By default, Facebook forms don’t send a notification when filled out, and data has to be manually exported regularly.

When these forms are streamlined with Zapier, you can be notified via mail, have submissions automatically filed in an Excel Spreadsheet, instantly send them a text or email, or add them to your customer management software.

Next Steps

We’re able to help you improve the efficiency of your forms and integrate them with your day-to-day operations. Streamlining your processes with Zapier could be right for you if you want to:

  • Have fewer steps you need to remember when managing leads
  • Have more reliable lead management
  • Automate the manual time-consuming tasks in your day-to-day operations
  • Make your systems more efficient

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