Six questions most website builders don’t ask, but should.

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So, you’ve made the decision to upgrade your website. Good for you. Now comes the hard part. Building a website takes a lot of expertise – both technical and marketing – and thoughtful consideration. At Checkerboard, we can’t stop thinking about your website. We ask a lot of questions prior to the design and build. And then we continue thinking about your website even after it’s completed. Our continuous analysis process helps make the website-building process easier for you, as well as for us.

Questions we ask you

Every website builder has a list of questions they ask new clients. Checkerboard’s list of questions, however, goes beyond the basics. Here are a few of the questions we may ask:

  1. Who is responsible for the content for your website?
  2. How does your company make most of your revenue?
  3. Which profit areas do you want to grow?
  4. Who are your customers, and why do they purchase from you?
  5. Who is the main decision maker in this web-build process?
  6. How will this website integrate with your other marketing channels?
We also question ourselves  

After every build, we get the entire Checkerboard team together to analyze your site and the build process. We question ourselves: What went right? What was a challenge? What did we learn? Some agencies may consider a meeting on a completed project a waste of resources. Others may understand its importance but not consistently follow through. But this step is critical for us. It’s a non-negotiable part of our process. Why? Because it prepares us for the next build.

We want each project to be completed on time, on budget and to be pain-free for our clients and our team. One way I ensure this is by reviewing our list of risks and previous challenges prior to each build. This information (stored in one of my beautiful Excel spreadsheets) prepares our team for any issues that may come up. It also helps us ask the right questions prior to getting started. This saves our clients’ time, resources and stress.

Put our team of thinkers to action. Get started with a free consultation. It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know each other. And chances are, we’ll ask you a few questions you haven’t heard from those other guys.

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