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Drive sales with integrated marketing

Your website is a tool to drive sales. Integrating your website with other tools, such as email, digital advertising and social media, can significantly increase its performance.

An integrated digital marketing program is your launching pad to success.

If you’re ready to add value to your site and generate more sales, you’ve come to the right place.

Our pros can help with one or two segments or your entire campaign. Your integrated marketing program can do wonders for your bottom line.

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Our Process: Content // Engagement // Network Growth // Monetization // Evaluation


Yes, content is king. But these days you need more than keywords on a page to get attention. You need quality content delivered at the right time through the most valuable channels. We can work with you to establish effective content flow.


The key to integrated marketing is consistently communicating your company’s story, message to message, channel to channel. It requires the identification of a powerful, unifying strategy and a compelling brand voice. You also need the discipline to apply this strategy throughout your organization, from advertising to sales to customer service (and beyond). It’s not for the faint of heart.


  • Will content differ on your social media channels and email?
  • How is it displayed on your site?
  • How will it impact your SEO?
  • Is the content helpful for support / sales teams?


You need a consistent, high-quality flow of content such as blogs, videos and infographics. It must be valuable to those seeking your products.



Which content is most useful for your customers? Case studies, Q & A’s, tips, videos?


How often? Every Tuesday? Every other Thursday afternoon? Consider your resources.

Don’t promise more than you can deliver.

Promotional Channels

How will this content be utilized? Your website, the bi-weekly email newsletter, three times on Facebook over the next three weeks?


Who is your target audience? Current customers, mothers in their 30’s, raw ingredient buyers?


Effective content converts browsers to buyers and is a resource for your sales team. Web content must be error free and include keywords potential customers would use. Graphics must be compelling. Social content should engage your growing social audience. It should all work together seamlessly.


Content is not created just for fun. It attracts new customers, and keeps your current customers happy and buying. We give you a place to efficiently connect with your customers.

Rules of engagement

How are you going to connect with people reaching out to you via email, Facebook and your website? Who is responsible for each channel? What do they say? Where do the leads go?

Engagement Points:


Social media is an entry-point to your sales funnel. Savvy marketers know how to capitalize on these interactions.


These need to be stellar. It’s your opportunity to educate people on the benefits you provide and the desires your products fulfill.


Forms gather potential customer’s information. Whether they enroll in a webinar, schedule a consultation or download a white paper, forms keep the information flowing.

Engagement Tools:


You can’t ignore the numbers. With your goals in mind, we’ll define the most critical metrics and create monthly scorecards which show your progress.


We integrate your website with other user-friendly tech. For example, your inventory system, membership or rewards program data.


Our user-friendly marketing automation process makes communicating with your audience easy. This keeps your prospects and customers engaged and moving through your sales funnel.

Network Growth

With amazing content feeding your channels and an in-tune engagement process, your next step is building your network of potential customers. We can define and manage campaigns which will keep your sales funnel overflowing.

Your Network

Your network draws potential customers to you.

Your Database & Email Marketing List

Your Social Media Channels

Ad Retargeting Lists (People who have visited your Website and/or subscribed to your email list.)

Strike a P.O.S.E to make it grow

We utilize Paid, Owned, Shared and Earned promotional channels to grow your network.



In-Store Displays

Traditional Networking / Sales



Your network is always growing, but that is not your main goal. You want them to do something: Buy a book. Attend an event. Visit a brick and mortar store. This integrated marketing step takes the relationship to the next level. We help bring all the channels together to leverage your expanded network.

Lead Generation

Farm your network to acquire leads. Focus your sales staff on warm leads rather than cold calling.


Sell your products online with an easy-to-manage shopping interface. Our ecommerce sites offer solid security, a trusted, user-friendly checkout process and a load of other creature comforts including coupon codes and shopping variables.

In-Store Traffic

Drive your network to your brick and mortar store or to retailers who are carrying your products through coupons, promotions and events. Have a new location carrying your product? Integrated marketing lets you Leverage your network around that location to drive local sales.

Evaluate & Improve

We continually evaluate your ongoing campaign. Did you get the leads you wanted? Were the right people responding to your messaging? We'll meet with you once a month to review your campaign scorecard, completed tasks and plan out next month's content and task lists.

What does it cost?

When determining a budget, we consider three things: your internal capabilities, your goals and how fast you want to get there. Then we’ll work together to develop a custom program that fits your budget and creative needs.

Integrated Marketing

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What does it cost?