Graphic Designer 2.0: Why your graphic designer needs marketing chops

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I’m a graphic designer. And I’m also a marketer. Everyone here at Media Relations Agency is well versed in marketing techniques and philosophies. It’s part of our culture. Each and every staff member, regardless of our title or job duties, has to understand marketing principles. Yes, there’s even a test. This common knowledge is one reason why our clients enjoy working with us. We don’t just create content that sounds pleasing. We make graphics which help tell their stories beautifully.

I’m a fairly new graphic designer, but I already feel miles ahead of my peers because of this continuing education. Let me explain one way this knowledge makes our design team more strategic than your average freelance graphic designer.

Before starting on the project, we consider the communication process.

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People’s unique ideas and experiences can affect how they perceive a message. For example, college students may think the word “inexpensive” means “affordable”, while wealthy executives may infer that “inexpensive” means “flimsy”. As designers, we anticipate how the receiver will decode our graphics. To a college student, a child in a graphic may make them think of younger siblings or being a carefree kid again.  An older executive may think of grandchildren and leaving a legacy.

A good image helps each viewer decode a message in exactly the way we intend. One example is Checkerboard’s Responsive Web Design page. This page features images of client work on different devices to help demonstrate what responsive design means. We use these rotating images to help the viewer, most likely someone interested in our services, decode the message clearly. The images help the viewer envision their own website improvements. Regardless of their grasp of web design lingo – and whether or not they even read the accompanying text – they now know we create websites that look amazing on any screen.

People process visuals much faster than they process text. It’s critical that graphics get attention and help tell the right story. You can’t afford to have a graphic that detracts from your messaging which is why your next graphic designer needs to have marketing chops.

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