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May 10, 2013

We’ve been around for a while, designing websites and marketing strategies for over 15 years.  Well recently we took a look in the mirror and said,  “Hmm, are we looking a bit stale? We don’t feel stale, we feel great!  Maybe it’s time that we changed our look to match how we feel”, and that’s exactly what we did.

To begin our new branding, we referenced our goals and directives, similar to what we do for our clients.  At Checkerboard, as a company, we try to make things as simple and effective for our clients, but deliver a cleverly designed website that is robust with features and packs a marketing punch.  To reflect our business ideology, we wanted a logo that was simple, yet strong.  The first big change was the red abstract checkerboard icon; it just had to go!  We felt that it was taking all of the attention away from our name and was not needed to represent us as a company.  We thought that we should reinforce the strength of our name itself so that “Checkerboard” would get the viewers attention and not the icon, so BOOM – no more icon.

You may not have noticed this if you weren’t paying close attention, but we also replaced the black in our logo with a dark gray.  While it might not be the biggest change, it’s still an important one.  By not choosing black, which would be the go-to color for many similar logos, we chose to go with a color that wasn’t like the others so that we would stand out.  On top of that, we feel that this attention to detail shows viewers that we make careful considerations to our approach and that we don’t do things the easy way, we do them the right way.

You may have seen these little guys hanging around:

Remember when I said we got rid of our icon?  Well, we didn’t get rid of it entirely.  These cubes are the same as the ones in our old icon, except now we are seeing them from a whole new perspective.  That’s another reflection of who we are as a company: when there’s a problem we will look at how to solve it from different perspectives in order to come up with the best possible answer.  We like to think outside the box – or cubes in this case.

We’re pretty excited about our new look and we can’t wait to show the world the new us!


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