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It’s no secret that Checkerboard loves Google.  Well, it seems that the love has spread to our parent company, Media Relations Agency, and we are really excited to have everyone fully integrated into Google goodness.

As a marketing agency with a multi-national client base, it’s important that we can communicate with our clients – and each other – as easily and efficiently as possible. After careful evaluation of competing technologies, Media Relations Agency and Checkerboard Strategic Web Development are very excited to announce that beginning in June, we will become fully integrated into Google.

We at Checkerboard have enjoyed Google’s applications and services for years. When it became obvious that Media Relations needed to move such functions as video conferencing, document sharing and even our company’s intranet to a cloud foundation, our research confirmed that Google is the most adaptable to our business needs, as a whole.

We chose Google because its programs are synchronized; its cloud-based data storage makes collaboration a breeze. We love Google Docs’ multi-user, real-time editing. Google calendar makes it easy to coordinate meetings, and to synchronize schedules using email and smart phones. We were also drawn to Gmail’s powerful email organization and interface. This move also adds another important dimension to our client interactions. We will begin using Google Hangouts for video conferencing, and Google Drive to share files easily and securely.  Oh man, we love the sweet sounds of collaboration!  It sounds like a chorus of angels riding unicorns down from the heavens, with Kenny G and his smooth saxophone leading the pack!

Whoa, excuse me, I got a little too excited there…

With Google on our side, we will truly have an edge in providing customer service excellence to our clients. June will be an exciting month!