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A great LinkedIn feature that you may not be using is its interest and community Groups. They are useful for finding others in your industry, becoming aware of competition, and networking with people looking for services you may offer.  Use these tips to get started:

  • Join groups that are in your field or industry, even if they aren’t your exact job title. It may provide a lead for someone else in your company.
  • If you have valuable information to contribute,  don’t hesitate to join the discussions.
  • Find groups for topics of interest, such as Future Trends.
  • Ask and answer questions in groups to find contacts.
  • Posting frequently will result in  your appearing on the sidebar as a top influencer.
  • If you belong to the same group as a person of interest, send them a message about the group or a topic related to the group.
  • You will only succeed if you choose to be an active member.