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Checkerboard’s been all about “New” recently, it seems.  I mean we’ve got a new website and a new logo and branding all within the last couple weeks!  Well, we also hired a new employee to join us in our quest for TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION – ahem – I mean our quest to provide excellent web marketing.  Her name’s Alicia Ackerman, and I was able to sit down with her for an interview so I could help y’all get to know her.  Anyways, let’s get this show on the road!

Evan Hanson: Alicia it’s nice that we’re able to finally sit down and chat.  We’ve been pretty busy here with some new SEO and marketing projects, so it’s been hard trying to find time to get to do this. Let’s get this big question out of the way first, as it’s pretty important:  Have you seen Robocop? 

Alicia Ackerman: Yep!

EH: Good!  You’ve already passed the first test.  It’s pretty much mandatory to have seen it, because it’s a most excellent movie.  Apparently the citizens of Detroit are trying to erect a large Robocop statue.  Checkerboard approves.  So tell me a little about yourself.

AA:  I am originally from San Diego – born and raised!  I love the sunshine and landscape there…it will always be my home – but I am loving Minnesota!   I have been married for 8 years and we have a handsome 5-year old son and two step-daughters; one is 21 years old and still lives in SD, and the other is 18 years old and lives here in MN.  My parents relocated here shortly after we moved here, and my brother will be relocating here sometime this year.  I will have a big milestone birthday this year – hoping to maybe buy a house by then so we can REALLY celebrate!

EH: Party on, Wayne!  What made you want to work with us fine folks at Checkerboard?

AA: I was looking for a ‘9-5’ job again…needed to get back into the business world!  I saw the position posting on Craig’s List…and the one thing that prompted me to submit my resume was the line that read, “Must have sense of humor”…I thought that this would be a place to work that values individuals and what they bring to the team!  I am so happy that I am here…I have learned so much, and still have much more to learn about this industry…very exciting!

EH: Exciting indeed! So what are some hobbies that you do outside of work?

AA:  I like to do ‘brain games’, word puzzles, play golf, shoot pool, shoot guns and play poker.  I love to watch football, funny movies and movies that let me escape into other ‘worlds’ (LOTR, war movies, etc.).  I am a bit of a science nerd too…I love to watch shows about geology and space.  I also love a good book, good wine, and great conversation with friends!  I am trying to find someone to take me deer or pheasant hunting…

EH: Well, I’ll have you know that I’m really good at Big Buck Hunter.  I’ve shot the lion and the rhino while playing in the Safari levels, so I guess I’m kind of a big deal.  So, it’s Friday after work, what is Alicia typically doing?

AA: Picking up my son from his Grandparent’s house…then either to the gym or home to enjoy some outside time and adult beverages with the neighbors!  Occasionally, I will go to Happy Hour while Devon is still at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  I love those days!

EH: If you were to have any super power what would it be?

AA: I would be like the Flash…able to be super speedy!

EH: QUICK, would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses?

AA: Well – I suppose if I had a gun, I would fight the horse-sized duck…otherwise, I’ll take the 100 duck-sized horses just because I think it would be a hilarious sight to behold!

EH: Thanks for being such a good sport, and behalf of all of us here at Checkerboard, welcome to the team!

As you can see, she answered those questions like a champ and all of us here at Checkerboard are really looking forward to getting to know Alicia more as she continues to be a great addition to the team!

Alicia is ready to help your business today, and she will make the whole process fun and exciting, while getting you the answers you need.  Go ahead and give her a call (612) 283-4846!

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