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When Checkerboard added dedicated web property management to its services, we knew that we needed to fill these positions with smart, creative people. We are thrilled to introduce our first Web Property Manager, Andrea Schiebe.

A web property manager should be able to draw on a background of diverse experiences. Andrea is a well-rounded person, who has been an AmeriCorps mission volunteer, a career counselor, a ministry team leader as well as a communications and public relations program coordinator. She’s a nature lover who is also passionate about wellness, keeps in shape with yoga, and is a musician and amateur song writer. Combine all of this with her innate ability to translate great marketing ideas into realistic goals … and we have a real winner!

Enthusiastic and organized, Andrea is already putting structure to this newly created position. She’s great at seeing the big picture, and identifying the steps needed to help our clients reach their objectives. She’s open, warm and collaborative, which makes her an ideal point person.

Andrea has hit the ground running, and seems to be thriving on the high energy level around the office. “I’m enjoying the pace,” she says, adding that she also fits in well with our team because she likes to have fun while she’s working.

For most clients, the web property manager position will bridge their media campaigns conducted by Media Relations with their web marketing programs, implemented by Checkerboard. “I like the fact that my job ties the PR side with web development,” Andrea remarks. “It’s a unique role. Getting to help clients by combining both perspectives is exciting!”