Content marketing: Why is content marketing so important today?

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Our CEO wrote a piece the other day that talked about creating content chains.   Do you realize that content is so important to marketing nowadays, that there are a minimum of 2,118  jobs with that word as part of the title or description appearing on the web every 20 minutes? Well okay, going with the search term that garnered the lowest number of hits, and dividing it by 1440 minutes per day, there are actually about 42,000 such jobs at any given moment. Assuming they rolled every 20 minutes in this hungry job market yields the above number. Welcome to the English major/journalist’s method of statistical analysis! So what is content anyhow? It’s writing. Good writing. From a marketing perspective, it’s writing that’s based on knowing your value points. What your customers’ desires and interests are. Who your markets are. And some of the key terms they’ll be searching with.

Why is content marketing so important today?

The reason content is so important for marketing today is, in my opinion, twofold: One, people like information. Two, so do search engines. And the more frequently you put out good information, the better search engines like you. (There are a few other factors involved, but it’s still a very important concept for your marketing today.) So good marketing involves creating and promulgating good content (‘syndicating’ is the more professional term).  If you are, or want to be, doing this, with the many new channels created by social media and technology, today really anyone can create content chains to maximize and multiply marketing efforts by repurposing any given piece of content: Write a blog post for your website, then use part of it to post on Facebook with a link back to your site; send a Tweet; repackage for LinkedIn; use as part of a video or YouTube script; apply to a brochure or advertisement, and so on.

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