Checkerboard is thankful for our clients

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Thanksgiving gives us a great opportunity to publicly extend our gratitude to all of our clients with whom we have worked with for almost 20 years. Helping you to achieve your sales and marketing goals has enabled us to grow as well. For each project and each interaction, we are grateful. This season, and throughout the year, Checkerboard is thankful for our clients.

We also asked each team member to share a personal gratitude list. Here are their responses:

“I am grateful for …

  • Checkerboard and the opportunities it has opened for me in my first year on the job.”
  • My family.”
  • Healthy children.”
  • The laughter I return home to each day.”
  • Family.”
  • Good friends.”
  • Having plenty of food on the table on Thanksgiving.”
  • Being alive.”
  • My beautiful wife”
  • The gift of music.”
  • Artistic outlets.”
  • Loving family and friends.”
  • The continuous opportunity and support to learn and grow both personally and professionally.”
  • My loving family who is always there to support me.”
  • Being surrounded by caring and thoughtful people every day.”
  • The long weekend!”
  • My son, who continues to grow into a young man of outstanding character and talent.”
  • The many opportunities I have available to me where others might be less fortunate.”
  • A stranger’s smile.”
  • The great group of individuals we have at Checkerboard. They show willingness to constantly learn, a dedication to our customers, and a wealth of talent.”

Gratitude influences and magnifies how we experience the good things in life. Today and every day, we try to ask ourselves not, “What would I change about my life?” but rather “What do I have that I truly appreciate?”

As you surf websites and join the shopping frenzy this season, we challenge you to take time to breathe deeply, embrace the moment, and say thanks to everyone who helps you along the way. It will brighten your day as well as theirs.

Image provided courtesy of woodleywonderworks on Flickr.

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