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At Checkerboard, we have assembled a great team of people with varying special strengths, and by our powers combined, we are a marketing force to be reckoned with.  We didn’t become a design dynamo overnight, though.  We had to find out what our strengths were first.  This is where we turned to the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

We each answered a bevy of questions about our personality, how we’d react in certain situations, and what we valued.  After we answered all of the questions, our top five strengths were made evident.  We believe that it’s important that we all know each other’s strengths so that we can assign tasks to the right people.  I know it’s a tired analogy, but it works like a puzzle. Some tasks may call for someone with a really analytic and organized approach, and some may call for wild ideas and brainstorming.  By knowing our own strengths, we can solve those problems based on who is right for the job – fitting like a puzzle piece. On top of that, it makes us much more efficient when we work together. We are able to use our unique strengths and abilities together to accomplish some pretty amazing feats.

Strength-Based Leadership: It’s Super Effective!

We aren’t the only business on the block using this method of leadership.  Gallop did a study which included 20,000 in-depth interviews with senior leaders and studies of more than a million work teams, and they found some promising data about strength-based leadership.

  1. The most effective leaders are always investing in strengths.
    When an organization’s leadership fails to focus on individuals strengths, the odds of the employee being happy and engaged are about 1 in 11 or 9%. When their leadership focuses on the strengths of their employees, the odds increase to 3 out of 4, or 75%. That’s a 66% increase in happiness and engagement. That engagement leads to higher productivity and a more effective workplace.
  2. The most effective leaders surround themselves with the right people and maximize their team.
    The best leaders aren’t well rounded, but their teams are. Don’t fill up a team who are just like their leader, make a team with a spectrum of strengths.
  3. The most effective leaders understand their followers’ needs.
    People want to know they matter and that they are cared for. By understanding people’s strengths, it shows that you understand them.


At Checkerboard, we have the prime blend of happy and talented individuals who excel at making marketing work.  We’ve assmbled a team of people who can crunch the numbers, people who think outside the box, and people who are incredible communicators, and with this team, we can greatly benefit our clients.

So, now that you know our approach here at Checkerboard,  we will be posting the strengths of each of our members to show you why we work so well together.

We’re pretty much the Justice League of Web Marketing.

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