Four ways to protect your WordPress website from malicious attacks

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Agency News | 0 comments

It’s a shame we have to defend websites against security vulnerabilities and other people’s actions, but we do. Please ensure your site receives security updates. We’re happy to provide these updates for you. It’s far less stressful for you to take care of a little preventive maintenance now than to deal with a disruption later. These important measures can help protect your WordPress website from attackers

  1. Update theme, plugins and WordPress core. WordPress vulnerabilities quickly become public knowledge. WordPress typically creates timely patches for the core, but you need to install the patches to gain their benefits. It’s also important to update your site’s plugins and themes with the newest code releases.
  2. Run a WordPress security plugin. There are many options, including Wordfence, Sucuri and iThemes security. Different features are available with different plugins, but most of them can scan your site for malicious code and lock out users if there are too many incorrect login attempts.
  3. Use two-step authentication. Two-step authentication requires that you know a password and also possess something, such as your mobile device, to gain access. The benefit of this security approach is that even if attackers guess your password, they also need to steal your possession to break into your account. WordPress plugins are available that can set up a two-step authentication system for your website.
  4. Create strong passwords. We recommend selecting complex passwords that can’t easily be guessed by attackers. Please don’t use “password” for your password. Also, refrain from using “admin” or “webadmin” for the site’s primary account username. Come up with something more unique. Password generators such as the Norton Identity Safe Password Generator can help.

There are more security measures available, especially if you are the administrator of your own web server. Options include modifying the default Apache configuration for security or adding another layer of security with a firewall such as iptables.

It would be wonderful if everyone who had tech skills used them for constructive purposes, but this is not the case. Sadly, there are some very intelligent individuals who use their talents to disrupt business’ websites. Please take steps to protect your site. Just as you secure your physical building against criminals who would break in and do damage, you need to secure your website against vulnerabilities and those who choose to exploit them.

Call us at 952-697-5211 or complete our contact form today. You’ll speak with Project Manager Alison Cromie, who will take the time to evaluate your site and make some recommendations. She may suggest taking advantage of our security package. Most clients’ websites can receive security updates for less than $500. A few clients may need to spend up to $1000. Very few will need to spend more than that. If you don’t want to bother trying to remember to have your site checked regularly for security issues, we also offer a convenient, proactive maintenance package to set your mind at ease. Give us a call at 952-697-5211 and let’s discuss.

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