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Your company website should never stop changing. You need to update your business’ personnel listings, post company news and make a host of other small alterations. When Checkerboard builds your website, our team will train you how to make these website updates yourself. Why depend on someone else to make changes for you? With our website support, you’ll be able to change page content or add new posts and plug-ins whenever you’d like.

We want you to feel comfortable managing the website we create for you. That’s why training is included with every site build. We can train in person or over the phone using screen-share technology.

Managing your site will be simple. Our website tools are user-friendly. We build our sites on WordPress, an easy-to-use platform. We’ll train you on basic WordPress functions and also on the custom features we’ve built into your website. If your website features recipes, we’ll teach how to upload new recipes. If you have an e-commerce site, we’ll teach how to add a new product to your line up. WordPress is a plug-in-based system. We’ll even show you how to add plug-ins.

Checkerboard’s support continues after the training is completed. We’ll provide you with a customized user guide, so you’ll have a handy reference at your fingertips. And of course, you can always contact us with questions.

Our web designers use industry-standard tools that create a durable foundation for your website. Then our team empowers you to make the small updates necessary to keep your website a living, current representation of your business. If you want to enlist help to actually monitor your website and digital marketing, we offer web property management services.

Our web builds give you a beautiful, expertly constructed website and the power to update it yourself. Give us a call at or complete our contact form. Experience how rewarding and timesaving it is to make website changes at your convenience. And feel how reassuring it is to have a supportive team behind you.


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