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We all love trying a little do-it-yourself maintenance of our homes: pounding nails, getting out the paintbrush, planting flowers. But there are also projects when you have to call in the experts: remodeling the kitchen, adding a bathroom, securing the foundation. Websites need maintenance, too. Checkerboard can teach you the necessary DIY skills and our experts can come in when a bigger job needs to be done.

We want you to be able to manage your own website, and feel confident doing so. That’s why we provide WordPress training with every new website build.

Checkerboard will walk you through each component of your website, either in-person or via a screen share. We will teach you to add and edit posts, add photos or videos, moderate comments and manage forms. We’ll even show you how to operate your social media and email marketing campaigns.

And if you need help with your DIY, we won’t leave with the faucet dripping. Checkerboard can make updates as well as optimize your site for search engines, monitor traffic, conduct digital advertising campaigns and make suggestions for improvements.

But what if you need that new foundation, a room added or the roof overhauled? Checkerboard’s WordPress developers can add new elements such as custom shopping carts or interactive features. To add the finishing touches, our writers and graphic designers can craft new, engaging content.

Checkerboard’s goal is to make your website work for you. A house is maintained by a team of specialized experts, contractors, plumbers and electricians. Your website will be maintained by a team of specialized experts, too: developers, graphic designers and writers.

Contact Checkerboard today and see how we can help you not only get started with your website, but maintain it over time. Call us at 952-697-5211 or fill out this simple form.