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It’s simple: You set up your website and people buy stuff from you, right? If only it were that easy. In reality, consumers go through a series of steps before they even choose to purchase your product. It’s called the consumer buying process and Checkerboard understands how it works. We create websites that will fuel your sales pipeline because we base our online marketing on the series of steps consumers go through when making a buying decision. This process follows a predictable pattern. By addressing all the steps, Checkerboard can help you increase your online sales.

You’ve probably followed this consumer buying process countless times:

Needs Recognition: You realize you have a need. For example, your stomach is rumbling but there’s no time to leave the office for lunch.

Information Search: You look for a solution. Perhaps you jump online to look at local restaurants’ menus.

Evaluation of Alternatives: Next, you narrow the options to a few choices. This time, you narrow your search to restaurants that deliver.

Purchase Decision: You make a choice. You order from the one restaurant that doesn’t charge for deliveries.

Post-Purchase Behavior: The purchase decision may be followed by buyer’s remorse. Maybe you got your lunch and there was no delivery fee, but the wait time was very long. Generally, the bigger the purchase, the stronger the buyer’s remorse can be.

Addressing the predictable consumer buying process on your website gives you an advantage over the competition. You need to market your product online, so your customers can find you and buy your products. You need to optimize your product descriptions for online sales, it’s not the same as offline sales. And, you need to continually engage your buyers, so they become repeat customers.

If you want to use the best and most current web tools to engage, inform and excite your customers, let us take a look at your current website, analyze it and determine how to make it better. Simply contact Checkerboard at 952-697-5211 or fill out this simple form.