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When you have a great workplace, your website should reflect that. Checkerboard has a pretty cool team, so when we first discussed updating our website, we knew we wanted to do something a little more interesting with our team page. We wanted to bring more personality to it by getting away from the typical layout of static photos and bios.

In the early planning stages, we did a considerable amount of competitive research. One common theme we noticed – especially on design and creative agency websites – was to put their people front and center. Also, use of interactivity is on the rise in all aspects of a website design. Team and staff pages are no exception. Adding interactivity offers touches of personality and “delight”. Together, these make the experience more interesting for visitors, entice them to stay longer, and as a result learn more about you, what you offer and what makes you unique.

As our new site design progressed, we considered a number of ideas. We drew inspiration from the many sites we reviewed as part of our competitive analysis. We decided that animated GIFs would be a great choice for livening up our team page. The tried-and-true GIF file lives on, in part due to this ability to include animations. Each team member was tasked with coming up with an action that would be captured in a GIF. We gave no specific direction because we wanted the decisions to reflect each person’s personality.

Here are a few examples:

As you can see, our team chose a wide variety of poses. The result gives life to who we are more than a simple picture ever could.

That is a bit of insight into how we revamped our team page to make it more interesting. It shows off our personality and creativity. Maybe this is something you’d like to do as well. After all, a unique team presentation lets you stand out and shows your personality, which could be that extra nudge a potential client needs to feel comfortable choosing you over your  competition. Let’s us bring your team forward by scheduling a photo or video shoot.

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