Understanding User Levels in WordPress

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WordPress provides multiple user levels to control content and access to various areas of the site and its administration.  It is important to understand which user role each user in your organization should have and how to handle content specific to subscribers.

Public – Any visitor which is not a subscriber to your site is considered public.  It has the lowest level of access and has no access to the administration area.

Subscriber– You can add functionality to your Web site to allow your visitors to become subscribers.   You can limit some content to subscribers if you wish and with the right tweaking you can even provide exclusive content to these visitors.  Subscribers don’t have access to the administration area either, but are able to edit their profile on the Web site.

Contributor– This level can add a post to the blog in draft format only.  Posts will need to be published by someone else.   This is a good way to have people add content that may need approval, proofing or wordsmithing.  We would often use this setting if you need content developed by our internal reporters.  You would be given the ability to ultimately approve and publish the content.

Author– Authors can add, edit, remove their own posts, but do not have access to any other users content.

Editor– This user level can add, edit and administer blog posts, comments and pages, but does not have access to the theme design or plug-ins.  Should you use our editorial department we would add our editorial department team members as editors to proof and/or wordsmith.  Once an article is posted as a draft our team with quickly clean up the content and make it ready to publish.

Administrator– Can do it all. Update theme, add plug-ins, control user levels, etc.  We typically set up one of our customers account with this access level with other users set to one of the various user levels.

TIP: By default spellchecker is turned off for editing posts and pages.  Be sure to click on the “ABC” spellchecker button to toggle on spellchecker.  It works just like Microsoft Word.

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