10 Signs You Need a New Website

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In your gut you already know whether or not you need a new website. I am not interested in convincing those who wouldn’t benefit from a new site. This list is intended to help those who are on the fence that you need to get off and get started.

1. You are not proud to share your Web address and wish the Internet would just go away. If your sales staff is giving out their LinkedIn profile or Facebook page before the website, you have a problem.
2. You’re held hostage by design firms, can’t make simple updates and have outdated content. Things have changed over the last few years. New toolsets are available that are 10 times as powerful as the best systems of only 4+ years ago and for 1/10th the cost. We believe customer-facing staff in marketing, sales, customer service and PR should be the ones running your website, not tech heads.
3. Your branding has changed and your messaging is off. Lately, I’ve frequently been working with businesses that are re-focusing on what they do best. During such a transition, a new website does wonders to re-energize and re-vitalize a business. Identifying and capitalizing on a niche is also key to being found by the search engines.
4. You’re not being found in Google. Let’s face it: The days of purchasing the largest ad in the yellow pages are over. When people need a product or service, they go right to Google and punch it in. If you are not being found, and do not have a plan to start being found, you have a problem. Today’s new website infrastructures with content plans are built for Google.
5. You can’t view your website on your smart phone or mobile device. Flash was cool eight years ago. Now though, if you don’t have a very specific reason for using it you are missing out on a lot of eye balls. Today we do motion with JavaScript, allowing our clients to control their content and their customers’ access to it on multiple devices.
6. You’re not getting leads off your current site. Proper planning and purpose-driven design go a long way in lead generation and inbound marketing. Your site should have clear calls to action, and visitors should feel the consistent pull into your sales funnel.
7. Social media: What’s that? If your site is not integrated with your social media channels, then you are missing out. If you are running away from social media, maybe we just need to talk about a simple plan to make it work for your business.
8. You have no email integration, and your email lists are becoming less effective. Email lists don’t stay fresh for long anymore. Many of our customers express a concern that their emails just aren’t effective as they used to be. New systems integrate list management and content distribution with your website, increasing your list size and allowing you to provide content that works for your customers.
9. You’re worried about consistency. When you talk with someone about your business, and they are considering buying from you, don’t fool yourself into thinking they aren’t doing further research. Having messages on your site that are consistent with your conversation goes a long way.
10. Your site does not assist your sales and customer service departments. Sites today are not merely one-way communication channels. New tools can assist you with keeping your current customers, up-selling/cross-selling them, and finding new customers.
A new web design can revitalize your business, and be just what you need to take your business to the next level. For most of our customers, their websites are seen by thousands more people than will ever walk through their brick-and mortar location. It should be a tool to get your messages out and a conversion point to which your campaigns are driven.

3 Reasons you should call us today
1. We know what we are doing. We have been building/marketing sites for nearly 20 years. We also have years of experience in refining current site builds as well as the planning and training that go along with them. Defined processed keep costs down, meetings efficient and problems to a minimum. Far from complicating things for you, our focus is on simplifying things for you.
2. We have a proven track record of meeting/beating expectations. By clearly documenting your needs and expectations, we can paint an upfront picture of your finished site. This equates to quicker turnarounds and happy clients when the site build and training are complete.
3. Alison. Having trusted people maintain open communication with you on a regular basis is the key to a successful project. I am proud of the great customer service Alison provides and I know her service is greatly appreciated by our customers. (I hear it all the time.)

Bottom line: Customers who work with us are one to more years ahead of those who go it on their own. Let us build a solid foundation from which you can grow your online marketing program.
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