Facebook’s new Bluetooth beacon easily connects with your customers

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Facebook’s new Bluetooth beacon can help you make a stronger connection with your customers as soon as they walk through your door. When customers visit your physical location, the beacon will send Place Tips to the customer’s Facebook. Place Tips encourage customers to “like” your business’ Facebook page. Place Tips may also share friends’ recommendations about your business.

How can I get one?

Currently, Facebook only offers the beacons to certain businesses. As a top local page, our client Pahl’s Market has been invited to receive a beacon. If you would like a beacon and your business hasn’t been invited, you can request one here.

Is it difficult for businesses to set up the Bluetooth beacon if they receive one?

No, all you need to do is unpack the beacon, remove a sticker and set it out. Then customers will be able to receive your business’ information.

Does it invade customers’ privacy?

Beacons send a one-way signal through Bluetooth connections to your customers’ phones. The system does not collect personal information about customers.

Can customers choose not to receive the tips?

Beacon Place Tips are only given to individuals who have turned on both Bluetooth and location services. Individuals can choose to hide tips from certain businesses or turn off tips altogether.

Facebook Bluetooth Beacon SampleHow can I use the Bluetooth beacon effectively for my business?

There are many ways to use the beacon to promote your business. Here are a few examples, from Facebook for Business:

  • Send a welcome message to customers
  • Encourage customers to “like” your company’s Facebook page
  • Inform customers that they can see their friends’ recommendations about your company

Facebook Bluetooth Beacons enable customers to easily find information about your company.

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