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Effective email marketing is more than just blasting out a sales pitch. When done well, this marketing tool can increase customer loyalty, provide insightful analytics, build your brand as well as drive sales. Unfortunately, it can also cause harm if your efforts end up in the virtual trash bin, or worse, the spam folder. Email marketing campaigns have evolved over the past decade. Today’s best systems are integrated with your website and social media. This helps keep your list current. They also allow for segmentation and personalization, so you can send your message to the right person, just when they’re most likely to take action. We like MailChimp. Its advanced analytics and a/b testing capabilities help us boost open rates and gain out clients more sales. 

Manage your email marketing right from your website

Every website we build integrates with online marketing tools, such as MailChimp and Facebook. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective way for our clients to stay connected with their followers. Our digital marketing experts can also implement email marketing campaigns on your behalf. We have both technical and marketing expertise. Our team of technicians, designers, writers, and marketers make the most of this marketing tool.

What you get from us


As an award-winning marketing agency with 20+ years under our belt, we have extensive experience navigating design trends and best practices. We have a history working with organizations of all sizes, and you can count on us to work effectively with your internal teams. In a world of increased specialization, you can trust Checkerboard to bring our best to every project and add value to your business through email marketing.

Email marketing that integrates with your website and social media
Thoughtfully designed templates which work cross-platform
Convenient built-in promotional tactics such as nurture marketing email chains and email address collection forms
Expert analysis designed to improve effectiveness and return on investment
Editorial services and graphic design

When done right, email marketing is still a great channel for customer retention. We analyze open rates and design trends to create emails with the highest conversion rates possible.

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Email Marketing and More

After developing your site, we always double check that it effectively drives sales and creates a positive user experience. UX catches the user’s attention, increases user engagement, and makes people more likely to return to your site. Adding an effective sales funnel allows your business to thrive. Find out more about what we offer:

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