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User Experience Design

Engaging. Effective. Easy to use.

User experience is becoming more important in the design process. A positive user experience will keep people on your site longer and may push them toward the checkout. But if your visitors are frustrated or confused by your site, most may move to your competition’s website. And 88 percent* of them won’t come back after a bad experience. A positive user experience design could also improve your search engine ranking and increase organic traffic.

An experience crafted to keep users on your site

Checkerboard keeps user experience design at the forefront of our web design process. We ask all of the right questions. Who will use your site? How will they use it? How can we make their experience efficient and more enjoyable?

This enables us to create positive user experiences. Your site will be useful, usable, accessible and credible from your customers’ perspective. We make it simple for visitors to achieve their objectives for coming to your website.

user experience design


What you get from us

As an award-winning agency with 20+ years under our belt, we have extensive experience navigating design trends and best practices. We have a history working with organizations of all sizes, and you can count on us to work effectively with your internal teams. In a world of increasing specialization, you can trust Checkerboard to bring our best to every project and add value to your business through design.

  • An easy-to-navigate site that is intuitively designed

  • A website that functions perfectly on mobile devices and on desktops

  • A website designed through the lens of each demographic in your target market

  • A website that blends interactivity, visuals, content, context and sound with your visitors in mind

Shawn Turek

Lead Designer

“The goal of a good design is to provide a pleasant interaction with the users. They should be able to get to what they’re looking for easily. Good web design goes deeper than how each page looks. User experience is all about how the site behaves and functions for the user. Websites are more interactive than ever before. User experience plays an increasingly important role in the overall design process.”

UX Design and More

While creating a design that’s enjoyable and interactive for the user, we work to create a clear sales funnel through our e-commerce design. Afterwards, we make any tweaks necessary to help you rank better in search engines. This ensures you have the audience to allow your UX Design and sales to function properly.

E-Commerce Web Design

Search Engine Optimization Services


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