Portfolio:Beverage industry environmental roundtable

Campaign Goals:

  • Create a website that could be further customized and tracked in a new CMS
  • Improve the site structure to allow for clear navigation
  • Update the design to be more modern and scream "sustainability"
The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) is a coalition of leaders in the beverage sector who work to improve environmental sustainability within the industry, and inform policy by engaging with stakeholders. BIER was in search of a new website on a new Content Management System. They needed a site that allowed for more customization, had a modern design, and clearly displayed their values.

Here's how we helped them out

WordPress Development

We developed a WordPress site that is unique, easy to navigate, and easy to customize. BIER's previous site was on Wix, which prevented them from making a lot of customization and effective tracking. The site includes dynamic features, custom posts to allow them to make separate publications, blog posts, and pages, along with other cleaner coding. After developing the site, we taught BIER how to make changes and update their site with any updates needed.

Responsive Web Design

We made a responsive design that looks great on every device and screen resolution. This allows users to have a positive experience regardless of whether they're viewing the site on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This design is future-proof, and allows stakeholders and BIER members to easily browse the site wherever they are.

User Experience Design

The old website had a well-defined site structure, but the lack of features on the site made navigation to internal pages difficult, and it was especially hard to find publications. We planned a design with UX in mind, including a publications page that put all downloads in one accessible location, added a secondary menu with more links, and fixed linking problems on their old site. Users will now be able to easily find what they need to throughout the site.

Search Engine Optimization

While SEO wasn't the main concern for BIER, we utilized a variety of techniques to create a site that would rank well in search engines. This included a well-defined site structure, comprehensive keyword research, minor content optimizations throughout the site, and much more. This allows stakeholders, members, and anyone interested in the subject to find the useful information on the site.

The Results

The new BIER website has an engaging design that is heavily focused on environmental sustainability and water, which fits perfectly with their values and projects. The WordPress site and user-friendly tools allows BIER to have a professional site that is easy to customize and track. Their research is now easier to find, allowing stakeholders to find important information more easily. BIER now has a much more functional website that also looks great and should perform better in search.

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