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Campaign Goals:

  • Provide a user-friendly online shopping experience
  • Increase online sales and organic traffic
  • Expand functionality of the site to allow for customization options and wholesale
Abdallah Candies, a beloved 4th-generation gourmet candy company in Minnesota, was in search of an updated website design. They were in need of a site that was entirely mobile friendly, would provide a much smoother online shopping experience that is free of glitches, and allowed for customized purchases. It was important that the new site design was upscale and well designed to match their brand, while focusing heavily on User Experience.

Here's how we helped them out

E-Commerce Web Design

As a retail store, having a fully functional e-commerce site was the utmost importance for Abdallah. We created a site that provides a smooth and reliable e-commerce experience, featuring hundreds of candy options. The site does more than simply allow products to be sold, it is a robust yet convenient platform that is fully integrated in the site.

Responsive Web Design

Abdallah's past website was not completely responsive, causing them to miss out on a large number of potential customers who were using their phones. Our new design looks great on every device and screen resolution. The design is future-proof and allows Abdallah to stand out in their industry by providing mobile purchases.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO best practices were kept in mind as soon as planning begun. We utilized a variety of techniques to create a site that would rank high in search engines, including comprehensive keyword research, content optimization, creating a search engine-friendly structure, and more. This allows potential customers to easily find Abdallah when searching for candy.

Digital Marketing Assistance

After completing the website build, we continued to work with Abdallah on future projects to add more tools to the website and advertise during holidays. This includes a monthly program to perform additional optimization on the site as SEO changes, as well as continued assistance as needs arise.

User Experience Design

The biggest problem with the past website was a fairly poor user experience. The new site was carefully planned and organized to allow users to easily find what they need, and allows for an easy checkout process. Users are quickly engaged with a consistent sales funnel, and new features were added to make the site easier to use for people looking for information.

WordPress Development

We developed a new WordPress site with a unique design that is is full of features and easy to edit. Due to the user-friendly framework and professional development framework, we were able to train Abdallah to make changes to the site whenever they need. The site runs efficiently on its industry-standard framework.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be a valuable tool for engaging with customers and reaching a new audience, especially when posts are done at the right time and with the right content. Through regular Facebook and Instagram posts with designer photos and marketing language, Abdallah is able to easily keep in touch with their most dedicated fans.

Pick N' Pack Customization

Abdallah wanted the option for customers to construct their own box of chocolates, a service which they call "Pick N' Pack." We designed a way for customers to easily select the chocolates and box size they're looking for.
The custom-coded solution provides all the functionality they wanted, as well as an easy interface for the customer, allowing for maximum user experience.

Sales & Traffic

Through site optimization and regular social media outreach, we helped Abdallah achieve their goals of increasing online sales and traffic. The new site saw immediate increases after launch.


Monthly Sales Increase


New Facebook Likes


Organic traffic increase

Steady Content

We work with the Media Specialist at Abdallah to put together compelling images and text for social posts, helping to keep followers engaged and tempt them with delicious chocolates.

The Results

The newly created Abdallah Candies website is more than just a revamped e-commerce site, it is a complete marketing tool. The modern design looks great, but most importantly it performs efficiently and allows users to easily find the product they’re looking for. After making a number of changes to improve user experience and eliminate glitches, the site has seen an increase in sales and organic traffic. The e-commerce functionality includes custom features that weren’t on the previous site, and glitches are rare. Abdallah has also seen growth in their social media channels and has been able to take full advantage of the easy-to-use framework.

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