Does your website need a property manager?

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Like brick-and-mortar stores, websites don’t run themselves. They require smart, capable property managers for optimal performance. After designing and building hundreds of business websites meant to generate leads and drive sales, we can confirm that those that are the most successful have someone who is actively watching over them.

Our property managers improve clients’ online marketing results

Imagine having someone trained in running online marketing campaigns there to assist you with yours. Someone to support your team as well as execute on your ideas. Together with you, we define your market, message and the metrics plus goals we will use to measure success. We call these our campaign directives. And when combined with a content schedule, target keywords list and your specified approval process, we have a document that defines the boundaries for your property manager to work within as well as a clear definition of success. The only thing remaining is the speed at which you want your site to grow.

Metrics for monthly evaluation are generally categorized in four areas: Site, Search, Social and Sales

Web Metrics

sales-metricsSite: How much time do your visitors spend on your website? What’s the bounce rate? What are the top landing pages? What are your overall traffic numbers?

Search: How much traffic to your website is coming from search engines? What is the number of impressions generated from search engines? What is your click-through rate?

Social: What is the network size including your list size for your email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts? How many people are seeing your posts? How many people are actively engaged?  Are you able to activate your network?

Sales: Are your leads resulting in online sales? How many coupon redemptions are you getting? How well is your online store functioning?

Monthly reviews with actionable suggestions: What are suggestions for improvements based on your specific metrics? Our property managers’ reports aren’t just a pretty display of numbers. Our clients receive a list of what the property manager accomplished in the previous month, plus a list of actions items for the next month. Our clients always receive more suggestions than there is budget to accomplish, and actively participate in prioritizing the next steps.

Imagine having someone whose time is dedicated specifically to growing your website

Each of our property managers only works with a limited number of clients. They are never spread too thin. You can arrange to buy ¼ of a property manager’s focus, ½ of their focus or all of their focus. It really depends on how actively you want to use your site to its maximum capabilities.

Your property manager will also manage a monthly budget*, serve as your personal liaison with the rest of our team, and make sure that someone is following up on all of your site maintenance tasks.

There are a lot of very aggressive SEO companies out there. You may have even gotten phone calls from companies promising to dramatically raise your search engine ranking.

Our approach is different. We focus on using your message to reach your customers in a way that is beneficial to them (ensuring that you serve them by giving them what they’re looking for) while also supplying the search engines with correct keywords. We’re optimizing your website for content, but we’re not resorting to buying links or otherwise attempting to trick the search engines. Those tactics always backfire.

Our property managers are smart people who put old-fashioned time and hard work into their jobs. They know how to manage social media tools. They know how to work with human-powered search engines, not just those run by algorithms. They know WordPress. As important, they know online marketing fundamentals and how to apply them correctly.

This program is designed around the needs of our customers. And our property managers have other traits that we truly value: They are responsive, pleasant and love working with people. If you’re going to hire someone to help you move the bar, you want to enjoy interacting with them!

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