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Marketing strategy used to be a lot simpler. You used to be able to just run some ads in the newspaper, buy space in the phone book, and pop some fliers in the mail. The paper mail. And that would be marketing.

But things are different now. Marketing is done on screens, not just on paper. There is a ceaseless tide coming in of hot trends, new ways to advertise, and improved methods for tracking the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing is an increasingly necessary and useful way to reach your target audience. But if you tried to do it all yourself, you might spend 20 percent of your day just educating yourself and your staff about the shifting sand of how to do it. And that takes you away from what you’re really good at, what your company really hired you to do.

Here’s the good news. Breathe easier. You don’t have to do all the digital marketing (and its technical analyses) yourself. You can refer it to specialists. And you should.

Physicians refer you to surgeons. Companies may refer their specialized taxes to outside CPA firms. We are taking on more of our clients’ digital marketing, because we are immersed in this area. Clients find that it’s just a more efficient use of their time. And efficient time management and smart division of labor are skills that are always prized.

We are helping businesses tell their stories through all promotional channels, including getting publicity, repurposing it on their websites and social media, and setting up (and tracking) digital ad campaigns. Using in-the-moment technology to tell your story to your target audience is smart. It is enabling our clients to spend their energy on what they are best at.

For a free digital marketing consultation valued at more than $500, call us now at 952-697-5211 or complete this form.  Our technical and marketing experts will provide practical suggestions for improving your website, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing and digital ads. We will also share successful strategies we have gleaned from working with other clients over the last three decades. Marketing strategies that are proven to generate leads and increase sales. This is a no-obligation offer.  However, you should beware. When people get to know us, they like what they hear and usually buy.


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