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Q: Why choose Checkerboard?

A: Our approach to building websites is different than other agencies. We start with a solid foundation that enables you and your staff to drive your website as you go. Because things change so fast, it is important to build off this foundation in the direction which best suits your needs at the time.

You control the speed, growth, time investment and web marketing budget. Because of the sites’ capabilities to connect with promotional channels such as social media networks and email marketing, each new piece of content you add to your site can be syndicated to your clients and prospects through the channels they prefer.

Not only are our sites scalable, but our professional staff can scale to your needs. If you need a social media hub, we provide the tool set for you, with the support of our staff to drive your marketing programs to success.

From our core website builds, there are several ways our customers can branch out. We have developed several add-ons to jump start them with the necessities for each area. These can be added at the beginning of the site build or at a later date. Allowing for continual growth.

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